"...more than 1946 babies all over the world were born using this special blessing by Rabbi Bar Ami."

Rabbi Bar Ami has been blessed

…by one of the greatest Kabbalists of all time, Rabbi Kaduri, to teach Jewish healing to the Jewish and non Jewish world. He has also been blessed by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who instructed him in how to teach a series of secret healing meditations that can aid in conception.

Rabbi Bar-Ami will tell his story to couples that are married more than 2 years and haven`t yet conceived. The story is about the special art that he uses and what makes it so effective.

Rabbi Bar-Ami has a special art picture that was blessed by The Rebbe. This special blessing is for couples that haven’t yet had children. There are more than 1946 babies all over the world that were born using this special blessing. Rabbi Bar-Ami prepares it and gives it free to the couple.
Rabbi Bar-Ami feels he is a conveyor and wants to keep his Shlichut to as many couples as possible all over the world.