Conversations with Bar Ami:

The Rabbi Bar-Ami's List of Lectures & Classes:

The Rabbi’s lectures are divided into six main subjects. Each point listed within a subject is a whole lecture / class.

The Secrets of the Hebrew Letters And the Holy Language

  1. The Secrets of the Hebrew Letters and the Holy Language – 8 different classes.
  2. The Coded Secrets of Prayers – 6 different classes
  3. Kabbalah and Mysticism – 7 different classes
  4. Yemenite Jewry  Р5 different classes
  5. Alternative medicine and Judaism – 3 different classes
  6. Other lectures: Dream Solving. Evil Eye /Ayin Hara. Numerology. Healing with Colors. Changing your fate by changing the way you think. Self healing from worry and anger. Jewish Amulet. The number “13”. The Magen David /The Jewish Star.
  7. Jewish Holidays
  8. Jewish Micrographic

A message from Rabbi Bar Ami with recommendations on how to fight the Coronavirus:


Life Changing Seminars by Rabbi Bar Ami Include:

Jewish Energy Healing level 1 and level 2 (9-10 hours)

Jewish Energy Healing level 3 (9-10 hours)

Tools for opening the 3rd eye, for strengthening the intuition and for seeing the Aura. ( Rabbi gives us tools and it is of each one`s ability on using them). (8 hours)