Conversations with Bar Ami:

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The Rabbi Bar-Ami's List of Lectures & Classes:

The Rabbi’s lectures are divided into six main subjects. Each point listed within a subject is a whole lecture / class.

The Secrets of the Hebrew Letters And the Holy Language

  1. The beauty and wisdom of the Holy Language.
  2. “Gematria” – (the numerical value of the letters and its meaning) – is it “real” wisdom or a game of numbers?
  3. The secrets of the names as found in the letters.
  4. The secrets of the spiritual drawing as in the Hebrew letters.
  5. The deep meaningful secret of the letter “Aleph”.
  6. The hidden secret meaning of the word “Yehudi”.
  7. Ancient riddles from days of old.
  8. The letters of the Holy Language – a powerful spirituality.


Life Changing Seminars by Rabbi Bar Ami Include:

Jewish Energy Healing level 1 and level 2 (9-10 hours)

Jewish Energy Healing level 3 (9-10 hours)

Tools to see the Aura (8 hours)

The 3rd Eye (8 hours)