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Happy Rosh Chodesh Kislev!


Happy Chodesh Kislev:) Rabbi Bar Ami ‘s featured art for this month: Gratitude and ThanksGiving Mizmor L’Toda ! May this month Bez”H be full of blessings and great light by giving Thanks . Chodesh Tov Rabbi Bar Ami (PhD) and Livna


חודש כסלו מלא שמחה ובשורות טובות וברכות שתתגשמנה בעזרת השם:) איחולים מהרב ד״ר בר עמ״י וליבנה

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Get pure knowledge and amazing insight into the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, the Kabala, the power of our….


Each “Word Sculpture” is actually a micrographic recording of holy writing. The art of micrography is called “the art of kings”, since it was used in the past by kings, and especially by the Kings of Israel in Biblical times.

Rabbi Bar-Ami uses miniature letters according to the Holy Zohar: “Man De Ihoo Zair Ihoo Rav”, meaning that whatever appears small is really great and vice versa. Therefore, miniature letters contain the greatest energy…

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