Meeting with Rabbi Bar-Ami… a special experience. Each person gets his own unique consultation according to his needs.
Rabbi Bar Ami (PhD) is a Bar Elan University graduate in psychology and criminology and he is an ordained Rabbi by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel for more than 32 years. Rabbi Bar Ami has been blessed by one of the greatest Kabbalists of all times, Rabbi Kaduri, to teach Jewish healing and give Kabbalistic blessings. He has been blessed by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who instructed him personally to bless others and  to teach a series of secret healing meditations. During an Individual consultation (meeting) Rabbi Bar-Ami  gives powerful  Blessings according to the Holy Names of Hashem.
Rabbi gives tools how to deal with different issues like for health- for business – for SHLOM BAYIT – for soul-mate- for Parnassah or any other issues that needs to be addressed.
It is recommended before the meeting to write down the issues that you would like to tell Rabbi about and give enough time to ask questions and give tools and blessings.
Rabbi Bar-Ami is continuing a tradition of 500 years of a family of scribes, who specialized in the wisdom of the Holy Letters and the ancient art of micrography. He developed this art into a one of a kind, unique system that expresses the depth of Jewish values through Biblical texts written in a shape of beautiful symbolic pictures, that carry hundreds of concepts within them that turn each Art to a specific blessing with a special Kavanah.


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Word sculptures are limited edition works of art hand-drawn by the Rabbi containing prayers that will illuminate your home or office and bring…