“Nifla-Ot” נפלא-אות ! The wonders of the letter


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Rabbi Bar-Ami (PhD) is continuing a family tradition of Scribes סופר סת”ם for more than 500 years.

This tradition specialize in the wisdom of the Holy Letters and the ancient art of Micrography.

Rabbi Bar Ami developed this art into a one of a kind unique system, that expresses the depth of Jewish values through Biblical texts written in a shape of beautiful symbolic pictures that carry hundreds of concepts within them.

These concepts have been unveiled in Rabbi`s first book

“Nifla-Ot”  נפלא-אות ! The wonders of the letter.

Each work of art combines a power that makes it a

Special blessing for the one who owns it. (In Hebrew)

Note: Rabbi is looking to translate his books.

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