Enlightening with Words

Rabbi Ben-Zion Bar Ami (PhD), is the founder and the director of the Holy Script Museum in Rehovot, Israel, which is a place where people of all walks of life come and learn about the Holy letters and their secrets.

The Holy Script Museum holds a permanent exhibition of Rabbi Bar Ami`s famous Micrographic art.

Rabbi Bar Ami is an innate teacher who served many years as a principal of a large school in his city of Rehovot, and is the director of the "Oht Le Olam" institute for the research of the Holy Language and Script.

Rabbi Ben-Zion Bar-Ami (PhD) published 3 books in Hebrew and the Forth book is on its way for completion.


The 3 books are as follows:



The wonders of the letter - $60

“Mamlehet HaOtiot”

ממלכת האותיות

The Kingdom of the Letters - $60



There will be light - $60