Rabbi Ben-Zion Bar Ami, Shalita (PhD)

Rabbi Dr. Ben-Zion Bar-Ami was born in 1945, Sha’arayim, Rehovot, Israel to Sarah,

and the well-known Torah Scribe, Rabbi Shlomo Maabari Za.T.Zo.Ke.L.

His family has a written and documented tradition of manuscripts of the secrets and the

wisdom of the Hebrew letters and grammar of the holy language for more than 500



Graduated from the Yeshivat Hadarom in Rehovot in the 70s. Rabbi went on to study at

High Yeshiva “Kerem B`Yavneh” and Yeshivat “Beit-El” in the Jewish quarter in

Jerusalem, learning with Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri (Zatzokel), Rabbi Yoram Abergil

(Zatzokl) and Rabbi Nachmani (Zatzokel) and by HTA Rabbi Shabtai Sabato Shalita

(May he live a long life).

Rabbi is a Bar-Ilan graduate in criminology, psychology, and sociology. He received an

Honorary Degree – Doctor of Philosophy – from the University of Berkeley in the United

States for research and special life activity. He received ordination to the Rabbinate by

the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Community Service:

Rabbi has been a writer for more than 30 years, publishing 6 different books in Hebrew

about his thoughts and wisdom and his 7th is on its way…

Rabbi Bar Ami is a Sofer Sta’m (Torah Scribe) specializing in the renovation and repair

of old Torah scrolls.

In 1985, he was asked to undertake a mission on behalf of the Ministry of Religious

Affairs in collaboration with the Chief Rabbinate in the Netherlands – to check the

condition of the Torah scrolls that remained in the Netherlands after the Holocaust. For

an entire year he visited all the synagogues there and examined the condition of their

Torah scrolls. Rabbi submitted reports on their condition in addition to fixing some of

them while the remainder were put back on their shelves.

Rabbi was also sent with his family on an educational mission for three years to New

York in 1982.

For more than 45 years, he has served as a community rabbi and as the rabbi of his

synagogue, Tzeyiray Teyman- Dahari in Rehovot Central.

Here in Israel, he retired after serving as the principal of the Public Religious School,

“Tachkemoni”, in Rehovot for more than 40 years.

In 1990, he founded Oht L`Olam, the Research Institute of the Hebrew Language in


Rabbi Bar-Ami has devoted his life to the study of the Holy Language resulting in

publishing many articles and studies on the Hebrew language. From all over the world,

questions are sent to Rabbi concerning different doubts and uncertainties about matters

related to the Holy Language.

Torah Scrolls in the Yemenite Tradition.

A special mission ahead for Rabbi Bar-Ami is to clearly prove without any doubt the

absolute kashrut status (hechsher) of the Yemenite Torah scrolls that are parallel to the

Aleppo Codex (צובא ארם כתר in Hebrew, Keter Aram Tzova, transliterated.) All changes

between Yemenite Torah scrolls and other Torah scrolls based and written on the

Pillars of the Eternal Tradition of The People of Israel, prove that Yemenite Torahs are a

direct tradition from the Torah that was written by Moshe Rabbenu!!!

Personal Greeting from the Lubavitcher Rebbe:

Rabbi Bar-Ami had a personal tie and multiple encounters with the Lubavitcher Rebbe,

Menachem Mendel Schneerson . The Rebbe encouraged and strengthened Rabbi

throughout their relationship until his passing, June 12, 1994 (3 Tammuz 5754),

ultimately guiding Rabbi to create a special work of art to help couples unable to bear

children. This work of art is still distributed free to any couple who are married for at

least one year and a half and have not yet been able to conceive. Baruch Hashem,

Rabbi Bar-Ami is proud to share that for more than 3000 (!!!) couples throughout the

world over the past 30 years, after receiving the piece of art from him, they were

blessed with children.

At the last meeting with the Rebbe… the Rebbe emphasized to him, repeating it

three times, “Ata Tevarech! Ata Tevarech! Ata Tevarech!” (“You will bless! You

will bless! You will bless!”)

In 1995, together with Ms. Dr. Idit Yankelowitz, he founded a national organization

named “HEY-LI” – the Main Organization for Certified Healers in Israel, using his unique

method of healing. The core subject is Jewish Energy Healing. Rabbi combines many

alternative and integrative methods such as channeling universal energy and more. Due

to the depth of his knowledge in Kabbalah Wisdom, acquired through studying with

several famous Kabbalists combined with the majority of his wisdom gleaned from his

Yemenite family tradition of more than 500 years, he demonstrates that these healing

method tools were also used in days past according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Rabbi is invited all over the world to conduct seminars in Jewish Energy Healing

according to the sources of the Kabbalah in addition to classes teaching the Hebrew

letter secrets in the Holy Scripts, including their special power.

In 2002, with the help of Hashem, Rabbi established the “The Holy Script Museum” in

Rehovot – an attractive destination attracting tourists, educators and students from all

over the world.

In 2004, with the help of Hashem, Rabbi established three parallel institutions in the


1) Ohr-Lev: an educational organization for alternative/integrative medicine according to

ancient Jewish sources.

2) Oht-Olam: an organization to spread the wisdom of Hebrew language.

3) The traveling Holy Script Museum located in Miami, Florida.


In 2018, The Holy Script Museum was established within the Rehovot Heritage Center

Museum in Israel.

In 2019, The traveling Holy Script Museum and Hebrew Language Center was

established in Mexico.

“Art of the Kings” – The world’s largest collection:

Rabbi Bar-Ami is also famous in the Jewish world thanks to his micrographic art called

“Mitzrafay-Ktav” – The Art of Kings. His original works are considered the

world ‘s largest collection of significant micrographs; a copy of this collection “wanders”

in Jewish centers across the globe with exhibitions and lectures in the USA, Canada,

Mexico, Panama, Europe, South Africa Australia and more ….

Rabbi has published six books in Hebrew in addition to many brochures and

articles mainly in Jewish research.

In 2008, Nifla-Ot, (The wonders of the Letters) Rabbi’s first published book, reveals the

secret power behind each of his divinely inspired art works.

In 2013, Mamlechet HaOtiot, (The Kingdom of the Letters) his second book, reveals the

power of the Hebrew letters.

In 2016, Yehi-Or (Let There Be Light), his third book, concerns self-

awareness according to the Jewish sources through insights into each Parsha.

In 2018, Peninei Chochma (Pearls of Wisdom), his fourth book, focuses on praise and

respect for Jewish wisdom.

In 2020, L`Chayim- B`Gviyay Mayim (Cheers! With Water Cups), his fifth book is a

guide on how to live simply to achieve a happy life.

In 2021, “Vezot Hatorah” , his sixth book ( And this is the Torah) The ancient tradition of

writing the Torah

In 2023 Rabbi is going to publish his seventh book “Sparks from the Hidden Light”

(the Ohr Haganuz). The book for life! Rabbi is writing down for the first time the ancient

Wisdom and secrets of Jewish Healing.

Be’ezrat Hashem we will have the Zechut to read this amazing book soon…

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