The Rabbi Bar-Ami's List of Lectures & Classes:

The Rabbi's lectures are divided into six main subjects. Each point listed within a subject is a whole lecture / class. 

The Secrets of the Hebrew Letters And the Holy Language

  1. The beauty and wisdom of the Holy Language.
  2. "Gematria" - (the numerical value of the letters and its meaning) - is it "real" wisdom or a game of numbers?
  3. The secrets of the names as found in the letters.
  4. The secrets of the spiritual drawing as in the Hebrew letters.
  5. The deep meaningful secret of the letter "Aleph".
  6. The hidden secret meaning of the word "Yehudi".
  7. Ancient riddles from days of old.
  8. The letters of the Holy Language - a powerful spirituality.
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Kabbalah and Mysticism

  1. The foundation of Kabbalah.
  2. Kabbalah - A light by which to understand the Torah's secrets.
  3. Kabbalah - A tree of life of the "Sphirot".
  4. Understanding the secrets of the holiest name of HaShem (the name of 72, 42 and:"Shem Havayah").
  5. The connection between biorhythm and the different combinations of HaShem's holiest name.
  6. Kabbalistic “Segulot" for success and plenty.
  7. The letters of healing and the secret of the "Shema Israel".
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The Coded Secrets of Prayers

  1. The hidden code in the letters of prayers.
  2. The codes and structure of the "Kadish".
  3. The hidden meanings of the "Kedusha" in all of Judaism's sects.
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The Mystery Collection of Lectures

  1. The power of the dreams - Dream solving.
  2. What is the "Evil Eye"?
  3. Numerology and preparing a numerological map.
  4. Healing with colors.
  5. How to change your fate by changing the way you think.
  6. Self healing from anger and worry.
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Yemenite Jewry

  1. Yemenite Jewry's contribution to Judaism.
  2. The Yemenite Jewry's uniqueness, which has no match in other Jewish Diaspora.
  3. Yemenite tradition and the Holy Temple.
  4. The original Yemenite customs (Minhagim).
  5. The Yemenite Tradition of writing Torah scrolls.
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Alternative Medicine and Judaism

  1. What is "Jewish Energy Healing"?
  2. Meditation and relaxation in the Jewish tradition.
  3. What is the healing method recognized by Judaism?
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Added Topics:

*Exploring the Secrets and Wisdom of Jewish Amulets (Kamia) How the Kamia is created using special Kabalistic codes and Hebrew letters. Design and create your own Kamia for your personal protection and those close to you.

*Pesach - all the secrets of Judaism in One Holiday! Go beyond cleaning and shopping for Pesach. Prepare yourself spiritually for the Seder and raise your self-awareness through the Hagadah! Examine the story of Exodus in our time! Ask why Moshe Rabeinu (Moses) isn't mentioned in the Hagadah! Learn the connections of Kabbalah, the 4 sons and the Hagadah! Hear the story of a non-Jewish grave stone marked "kosher For Pesach"

* “The Number 13 ” Its importance and great power .

*The hidden secret and the power of the Magen David

* Ana Be`choAch “אנא בכוח “The deeper meaning and the great power of this special prayer. 

* Rosh Hashanah – The Reward according to the Kabala

* Hanukkah presentation “The deeper meaning of Miracles and the Power of Light”

* “Jewish Micrography” – Exploring the inner depth and the layers of wisdom in the art work    of Rabbi Bar Ami.

* The “Amida” - Pray “The 18 prayer” with KAVANA The Numeric Form in The Amida (during the week) Prayer, is the tool that will lead you to a higher level of praying with KAVANA. This lecture is a GIFT FOR LIFE!

* The blessing “…..who has not made me a woman” " שלא עשני אישה”   Should women be proud when men say this blessing? The quality of a woman according to this blessing ……that the men would not like them to know…..

* Tools for seeing Auras and developing our spiritual intuition.

*Kabalistic tools to develop spiritual connections


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